Managing Chronic Pain

Many of the clients that come into our office suffer from chronic pain injuries following an accident. Chronic pain is sometimes difficult to understand and clients with chronic pain face their own set of challenges.

It is easy for family, friends and co-workers to understand that a broken arm or foot can have the effect of preventing someone from returning to work, returning to physical activities or regular house work. Unfortunately, chronic pain is not easy to see, and thus it brings with it a different set of challenges. In certain circumstances our clients can feel that their chronic pain is misunderstood, that it is perceived by others as “not real”. We have dealt with numerous chronic pain cases and understand a chronic injury can be more detrimental than a broken bone.

chronic-pain1The difficulty with chronic pain is that there is no usual process for recovery. Often times because of these difficulties associates with ongoing pain clients can develop depression or other psychological symptoms. If a client is dealing with psychological symptoms in addition to the ongoing pain they can start to develop problems with sleep, motivation and mood which in turn complicate the clients pain perception from their injuries.

The mind is an interesting thing as a person’s mood or stress levels increase, so can their pain. Managing chronic pain is not limited to treatment of the injury. For those struggling with Chronic Pain I would suggest looking into PainBC.

Pain BC is a non-profit organization that is working to reduce the burden of chronic pain for individuals, families and communities in BC. PainBC offer a wide variety of support and resources to those struggling with chronic pain. The resources don’t intend to replace therapy treatment but to work alongside various therapies. By managing stress, emotions and overall mental wellbeing clients are better able to manage their physical injuries.

Pain BC also provides information via webinars, support groups and links to additional resources for those interested in learning more about managing their pain.

For more information I recommend you take a look at the PainBC website and see the great things this organization is doing to improve our understanding and management of chronic pain.

If you or someone you know is suffering with chronic pain following a motor vehicle accident it would be wise to speak with a personal injury lawyer. An personal injury lawyer can assist you in understanding your case and ensure that you are fairly compensated.

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