The “Must-Have” Item of Summer 2018

What is the must-have item this summer? Well, if don’t already have an emergency kit – it’s the first thing we would like to offer as a “must have.” A few reasons these are great: they won’t go out of style and they may help save your life or at least make you comfortable if your summer road trip doesn’t go as planned. Even the best of cars and the trustiest of drivers sometimes have mishaps or accidents – that’s why they are called accidents. However, unplanned is different than being unprepared… So to help you be prepared, we’ve provided a check list for your summer emergency kit. Just store this in the back of your car and you can drive easy knowing that in the event you need it – it’s there.


  1. A Bag or bin (to store everything in)
  2. Water (at least a litre per individual in the car)
  3. Phone charger (we recommend an external battery charger too)
  4. Snacks (high powered energy bars, or non-perishables)
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Emergency reflective blanket (this can go into your winter bin too)
  7. First aid kit
  8. Flashlight (we recommend a hand-crank charged one so you know it works)
  9. Swiss army knife (multi-tool)
  10. Walkie Talkies
  11. Visibility equipment (a flare or fluorescent materials)
  12. Jumper cables
  13. Tire sealant
  14. Pressure gauge (for your tires)
  15. Tow strap
  16. Tool Kit
  17. Fuses
  18. Duct tape (every Dad’s go-to)
  19. Gloves and Rags


We know this list may seem exhaustive, but it’s better to have it and never need it than to need it and never have it….


From us at Hemmerling Law to you – we hope that as May Long weekend hits and kicks off the rest of camping and summer road trips for 2018, you will be prepared for the worst and experience the best!


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