Auto Accident Kelowna

If you were in an auto accident in Kelowna, you may be eligible to file claims to recover compensation and we have been helping our clients for years to get the maximum amount of benefits they deserve.

Because the path from accident to claim is complicated, we can help you determine what to do immediately and how to handle the entire process. We will work hard at getting you the maximum benefits that you are entitled to our experts will negotiate on your behalf with ICBC.

Hiring an auto accident lawyer will be a wise decision for recovering losses resulting from an accident and reducing the hassle associated with insurance claims. We will explore all possible avenues for recovery of compensation for your injury or damage.

How we can help?

Hemmerling & Associates Law Office is staffed by competent and experienced lawyers to guide you through the procedures and ensure that you are being compensated for the effects of the accident on your personal and professional life.

If you were injured by another person’s recklessness, we can help you determine your objectives and recover damages that may include medical costs, lost wages, property loss, pain & suffering and other damages.